Danish solar energy releases the world's most efficient colored solar modules. This ingenious technology is especially interesting to the building industry where solar components can fusion into a building's shape and become practically covered energy generators. Applications in the consumer goods sector are also expected, such as the car industry, advertising, electronic devices, etc.


Our Philosophy is to deliver products that are highly efficient, aesthetic, beautiful, and affordable.

Colored solar technology has many applications, but also our technology can be used for other technologies or combined.



Solar tiles in colors are our main product,
in future all the houses will be energy generators, self consume is now a reality, with this solution, we will replace the common roof systems, resistance, beautiful and generate energy, that's it the future of energy. In the future, this technology will be affordable to anyone, contact us, and work with Us.

Solar slate roof


Solar slate roof replacement, old roofing systems for a new roofing technology,
easy to install, produce energy, it is excellent for residential buildings, solar slates combinate traditional roof systems
and solar modules in once unic product, all of this with high effciency .

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Solar slate roof


Solar tiles in red or any color are the best beautiful roofing solutions.
Our product makes solar beautiful, replaces the existing roof, keeping the aspect while producing clean energy,
which means they pay for itself.

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At the time, solar modules are black and blue and they have a High efficiency but they are not aesthetic,
on the other hand, we have colored solar modules in different colors but with low efficiency and a high cost.

But our product will produce make all of them together, it will look aesthetic it will be affordable and the most
the important thing it will have high efficiency if you are an investor or a solar manufacturer, solar distributor,
distributor of roofing systems and facades, you should call us, we have different packages for collaboration
We call our technology: CFR = COLOR, FORM, REFLECTION,

This is a patent technology and will allow us to do different applications such as electric cars, electronic devices,
buildings systems such as roofing, cladding, and facades.
Our technology makes the solar cells camouflaged, which means in future what it looks like a roof
or facade will be a solar system.

Contact us and be part of this solar revolution.
Danish solar energy has all in one simple and adaptable technology to the current solar production
This technology is applicable for different technologies such as water heating roof systems,
advertising or illuminations, if you want to develop something write us an email and we will be in touch with you.


Our factory in Denmark is designed and built by one of the world's pioneers in solar energy field

Solar roof , solar shingles , solar slates, high efficient in all colors

Our Patented solar modules are produced in unique and fully automated production lines. Our factory is designed and built to provide the flexibility to produce any kind of tailored solar modules

Homogeneous Production

Unique, automated production line and finest finishing process ensure the highest level of precision and consistent top quality

Advanced Design

The factory production line is designed to support development and production of new innovative ideas

Best material

We select only the best and reliable raw material for module production

CO2 free

The building uses solar energy and multiple energy saving mechanisms have been applied, including reusing production energy in the factory

We can help you with any kind of Solar solution

Danish Solar Energy designs and delivers creative solutions of any kind that you desire

We provide professional support and advice on purchasing and construction management, building integrated system solutions

We are proud to be one of the world's pioneers in solar design and solutions.

If you want to know more

Please contact us: + 45 35 36 7777

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Portfolio and important projects

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