Solar roof for listed buildings BIPV

© Solar roof in listed Buildings

Building-integrated solar modules, BIPV rooftop.

Solar energy for facades in colors is one of the new products from Danish solar energy.
· Solar roof in listed buildings

Solar modules can be now used in old buildings, our modules are approved
in many parts of Scandinavia to be placed in patrimonial buildings.
One of our reference projects is made in a house which is older than 100 years,

Our modules were matching what customers wanted but also accomplished the requirements
of the local community in Svendborg.
Solar roof can be used for a roof replacement but also to make a rooftop solar installation,
that means we can replace partially the roof or complete depending on the requirements.

We are roof manufacturers and the future in constructions and roofing will be linked to solar energy.

Our BIPV solar colored modules can be in any color you need and can match your requirements.

When you calculate roof installation cost for a roof replacement you will see that
our roof has a payback time, because it safe energy, that means the roof cost has a return of investment.

You can also connect to a storage battery to the solar system and your house will be energy self-sufficient.

Our standard colors are terracotta and grey dark, but we can also make custom design colors and forms
Our patent product we call CFR “COLOR FORM REFLECTION”.

The roof modules also allow you to make money also while protecting the environment from pollution.

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