Solar energy integrated in facades

It is the first time that Copenhagen city aproves a solar installation in a patrimoniall building, The color choosed by the local authority for a brick wall.


Building-integrated solar modules, BIPV facade.

Solar energy for facades in colors is one of new products from Danish solar energy. Applications: System for glass facades for building, that means in future the buildings will get light inside the building and at the same time produce energy.

These applications allow you to produce energy yield and also get light into the building, in this way you can spare energy and produce at the same time. Solar cells are hidden into this proceeding

Facades for external walls. Producing very beautiful colors with higher efficiency.

Solar façade cladding, façade renovation. Ideal for an intelligent solution for older buildings that need renovation.

The world can produce much more solar energy as we actually need, clean energy which is not dangerous for the earth and environment
Producing energy is needed we spare in materials and raw materials.

Energy efficiency and smart buildings can be integrated into this technology
We got the best facades materials for the best facades products.
Solar energy has new opportunities. Contact us and develop with us.
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