Green energy in Red design

Red modules

Solar energy in all colors, textures and patterns - All types of facades, roofs and more can be an active element of the energy supply while the architecture is completely free. - The benefits of the new product are many. In addition to providing new aesthetic design options and the opportunity for more ways to integrate solar cells, they have outstanding high efficiency up to 95% and quality while being an economical product.
An example of a project Dansk Solenergi has carried out is a building in Svendborg Denmark, which has our CFR brick red modules. The solar cells are selected in a slightly darker tone than the bricks, which in this case will darken over time and thus will get the same color as the solar cells. With the colored solar cells, a symbiosis between technology and aesthetics is thus envisaged, which we foresee will be widely used worldwide - and which is one of the solutions to the climate challenges we face.

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