Solar energy integrated into slate roofs or as facade cladding - Holte; Denmark


SUSTAINABLE RED TILES ROOF Tile colored solar modules that exceed all previous limitations, Svendborg, Denmark



Now solar energy can be beautiful and aesthetic and even tall buildings can produce for their own consumption and at the same time maintain the desired aesthetics. Our ® patented aesthetic facade modules, which are produced in Denmark, are probably the greenest and best in the world, in terms of colour, efficiency and CO2 emissions, thanks to our LCA we have been able to optimize our production optimally.


Solar energy integrated in slate roof Danish produced building-integrated CFR solar cell modules are 100% integrated and recessed, so that both vertical and horizontal lines match the rest of the roof/facade . The mounting solution is a light roof, makes installation easy and cheap and provides a natural transition to the slate and fits most roof constructions.


A beautiful roof solution, with optional color choice of red colors, replaces the existing roof or is fully integrated with the surrounding tiles, our mounting system ensures that the roof's appearance is preserved while simultaneously producing electricity. Sussex, UK.

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