Efficiency Mobile Power Solution

Mobile professional sun – vind generators

Supply electricity to:

– Water purification systems
– Remote health clinics
– Scientific stations and
– Mobil, internet and tele communication and many other applications

We have developed a mobile solar/wind generator system which is based on our own Hybrid regulator and ensures 24/48V DC and 110 or 230V AC supply at remote locations. The system was originally developed to power portable water purification systems, and is mounted into a solid 76x100x120 cm standard container. The system offers with its advanced electronic and quality solar cells a complete energy solution, being assembled and ready for operation in a few hours. The mobile solar/wind generators are produced on request and might be altered within
the limits of the container to meet specific demands for other applications.

They produce energy at no cost
Once installed, they produce energy at no cost, providing complete independence from external sources of fossil fuels, with all the associated cost and transport problems. They are easily supplemented through the addition of panels. A generator, on the other hand, has to be replaced if you want to increase the energy production. They do not waste energy, in marked contrast to generators powered by fossil fuels, which have a constantly high consumption regardless of the amount of energy required!
They generate electricity with no noise, smell, fumes or contamination.

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