The sun is an everlasting energy source

Energy abundance
Besides being a fundamental condition for life on Earth the Sun is an everlasting energy source. The amount of energy annually received from the Sun equals some 15.000 times the total energy consumption on Earth. This is app. 10 times more than the total energy contained in all known natural gas, oil, coal and uranium reserves.

However it is not possible to make full use of this energy. Because of geographical limitations we only have the possibility to “catch” solar radiation on a limited part of the Earth’s surface. Furthermore we can never reach an energy conversion efficiency of 100%. Anyway a realistic future prospect is an amount of converted solar energy corresponding to some 50-200 times the World’s present total energy consumption.

The solar heating of the Earth is the basis for the use of wind and hydropower.

In brief:
A Solar energy system gives no negative environmental impact in contrast to fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas.
A solar energy system gives a reliable electricity supply at low operating costs.
A solar energy system needs very little maintenance.
Solar Panels have a long lifetime (min. 25 years).

At a comparatively low investment a Solar Power System can give you a reliable and environmentally sound electricity supply. Even a smaller system can produce sufficient energy for summerhouses, cottages, boats or caravans and the smallest systems are able to charge the batteries of portable PCs or a small test or transmitter station.

A small Solar Power System can be expanded at any time and thereby give you the opportunity of connecting other installations like refrigerators or water pumps. The maximum size of Solar Power Systems is practically unlimited. They can be dimensioned for effects up to several Giga Watts.

A system suitable for a villa has an capacity of approx. 3kWh covering an area of 15-30 m2 depending of the geographics and the efficiency of the chosen Solar Cells.

A Clean Solution
Solar modules generate electricity from sunlight in a particularly environmentally friendly way. Their operation pollutes neither air nor water and is completely silent. Even after years of operation, they continue to supply energy.
Solar-generated electricity can supply autonomous power in rural areas, or can be linked to the grid. In developing countries, photovoltaic systems are already responsible for the wide-spread supply of clean water and safe electricity.

During the manufacturing of solar modules, Danish Solar Energy pays particular attention to the economical use of natural resources and to ongoing improvements in the energy payback time – the time required for the energy consumed during manufacture to be recovered by operating the module. The solar modules’ long service life and short energy payback time means that photovoltaic systems have a positive energy balance.

Glass, silicon and aluminium, the main components of the solar modules, can be processed by a recycling plant.
Success through quality and competence.

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