High Efficiency Street Light

High efficiency - low cost, Street Light

Danish Solar Energy Ltd. is offering solar powered street lights - an ideal lighting system for illuminating streets and parks.

Providing street lights is an area, where the use of photovoltaic power has several advantages:

- No need to have a grid
- The poles are an obvious place, where solar panels can be mounted or integrated
- The use of a self-contained solution minimizes the need for maintenance

HEM Solar Street Lights are designed to turn on automatically after dusk and turn off automatically at dawn. The controller unit manages the electricity flow by optimizing the energy stored in the battery.

Systems are designed specifically to the physical location (calculations on radiated solar energy) and the choice of lighting pulps - where we usually are using LED pulps with high output and low energy consumptions.

Street light kit At Danish Solar Energy Ltd., we want to make it as easy for the customer as possible. That is why we believe in complete solutions. The only information we need is location and the area which should be illuminated, and we will do all the work for you:

Calculation and dimensioning
Find the best suited street light (with or without pole)
Produce the best suited modules
Find the best suited battery
Find the best suited charge controller
Find the best and cheapest logistic solution

HEM-Gadelamper vil oplade i løbet af dagen, hvor belysningen ikke er nødvendig, og tændes automatisk om aftenen.

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