Solar modules and slates

© Solar energy integrated in slate roofs or as facades - available in many variants, we tailor them to your project.

Now with - Individual color selection and no visible solar cells and a performance of up to 98.4%, compared to a black PV module without color
Produced in Denmark - building-integrated solar modules are 100% integrated and recessed so that both vertical and horizontal lines match the other roof / facade.

The mounting solution is a lightweight roof, makes installation easy and inexpensive, and provides a natural transition to the slate and fits most roof structures.

This means that you get a nice roof solution, which at the same time allows you to make money and then you protect the environment from pollution.

Based on the Copenhagen Municipality's Climate Plan, which aims to be CO2 neutral in the year 2025, it has now been decided to apply for solar cells, but some strict requirements for the architectural solution are reserved.
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