Green energy in Red design

Red solar modules

Solar energy in all colors, textures and patterns - all types of facades, roofs and more can be an active element of the energy supply while the architecture is completely free. - The new product offers many advantages. They not only offer new aesthetic design options and the possibility of integrating solar cells in other ways, but are also characterized by a high degree of efficiency and excellent quality, and are at the same time an economical product.
An example of a project that Dansk Solenergi has carried out is a building in Svendborg, Denmark that has our brick red CFR modules. The solar cells are selected in a slightly darker shade than the stones, which in this case becomes darker over time and thus acquires the same color as the solar cells. With the colored solar cells, a symbiosis between technology and aesthetics is envisaged, which we expect to be widespread worldwide - and which represents one of the solutions to the climatic challenges we are facing.

Mounting system

Our solar tiles were developed with an assembly system that allows the installer to assemble the system very quickly and efficiently, and the solar tiles are waterproof.

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