Solar cells integrated in Zinc, Alu., Copper, Steel

© Solar cells 100% integrated in Zinc, Aluminum, Copper or Steel.

Now with - Individual color choice and without visible solar cells, high efficiency and top quality from Denmark.

Protects against rain and wind like ordinary roof panels, while at the same time the roof panels produce electricity. The solar cells are laid as a regular roof and can be used on all constructions. This profile solution is also suitable for renovation or new construction. The modules are based on a folded metal roofing which provides an absolute windproof, weatherproof roof, due to the complete diffusion density of the roofing material. This metal roofing is suitable for mounting on eg. existing asphalt roof, as the asphalt roof then provides additional protection against condensation from the underside of the metal.
A light roof that fits all roof structures, the solar cells from Dansk Solenergi ApS. is fully integrated in the metal profile, with a unique fastening method that ensures optimal performance and fastening. The modules provide a nice 100% integrated roof.
The roof thus preserves the aesthetic and the environment is protected from pollution.

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