NGO located in Nigeria / radio network with a 230V AC solar power set-up.

The NGO operates in rural areas which requires an intelligent battery back-up system. Battery back-up can be the difference between a total failure and a success due to power failure in a sensitive operation, especially when the people are active in remote areas, where they are dependent on mobile communication. Battery back-up system to be a ready-to-install and run set-up providing 2 to 3 hours back-up by 50 to 50 traffic. The battery back-up can be designed to give anything from 30 minutes up to 24 hours of constant power depending on customers’ needs.

The solar Package
Range of standard solar packages suitable for most common solutions. The solar package contains a solar panel and a solar charge.

The solar charge controller
· prevents overcharging of the battery bank
· ensures optimum charging
· manages the different consumption and charging rates

The battery bank is optimised to
· charge even low currents
· endure a large number of charges and discharges
· endure frost
· have a small self-discharge rate

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