We believe that only with solid partnership we can go further and grow stronger

Who are our Partners?


Danish Solar Energy is happy to collaborate closely with local partners, to take full advantage of each, co-develop solar power plant and make project from concept to relization.


You want to realize a new project and need all the expertise in the whole PV supply chain? You want to build a PV plant and determine the value of an investment? Danish Solar Energy takes care both the technical consultation and financial analyze for your median-large projects.


Our HEM PV modules, both standard and tailored design, top quality and produced in Denmark, is a wise choice for distributor and architect.

Product Suppliers

Our unique level of technical expertise and in-depth solar market knowledge ensure us to deliver high quality products with compelling price.

Finance Institutions

As a Danish producer we are supported by various strong financial institutions and funds, such as EKF, NEFCO and IFU, and therefore bring appealing Financing Solution to projects.

Research Institution

Danish Solar Energy has been collaborating with some reputable Research Institutions since 1990s.

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