Optimum utilization of a photovoltaic System

To get an optimum utilization of a Solar Cell System the panels must be mounted on a shadow free surface (for example a roof), facing north or south (depending of the hemisphere you are on) at an angle roughly equal to your latitude. Remember that even partial shadow will reduce the effect of the solar module.

At installation you must note that the angle of the Solar Cell Panels influences greatly on the efficiency of the solar energy conversion. The solar angle and hereby the shadows changes by the seasons. The following figure (for Denmark) illustrates, how the energy production correlates with the angle .


Figure 1: Energy falling on a Solar module pr. month in Denmark for a vertically (A) and a horizontally (B) mounted module.

The battery bank must be situated at a location that permits ventilation to open air.
The Solar charge controller should be located where an easy reading of the instruments is possible.
A detailed drawing of the Solar Cell System and installation instructions are enclosed in every delivered system

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