Proven experience

Back in 2009 Danish Solar Energy Ltd. established the world’s first CO2-neutral solar cell factory.

Danish Solar Energy Ltd. is constantly trying to optimize all processes in production. We focus on the PV systems life cycle and aim for a minimum environmental impact -from the raw materials to the production of PV systems including energy-saving automation solutions.

We always use the latest technology in solar cells and have a wide range of high quality solar modules.

Together, we will develop a business plan that is profitable for both sides, and make the idea an realization. It is expected that you have a solid financial backing.

Establishing PV Production Line


For the installation of the manufacturing facility, machines, technology and stations  will be distributed to the destination. A team from DK will be present at the destination in order to administrate and control the  building of all stations and to receive and supervise the unpacking of all the material.


After the preparation of the machines and reassembly at destination, there will be training sessions for employees, and will cover topics such as:

– Manufacturing process.
– Maintenance.
– Quality control.
– Reception and handling of material.
– Final packaging and material output.
– Stock management (both from raw materials and for final products).
– Staff Management.
– Maintenance of plants.
–  option: PV plants installed on the ground or installed on roof tops.

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