Solar in electric cars

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The future in transportation is electric, all the car companies
will compete and one of the most important issues are to have less
consume cost of energy .

In this moment just a few car producers use black colors because
there was no solution to produce effcient and beautiful cells into car ,
keeping designed and aestethics.

Trains, trucks and other vehicles will need it.
The new challenges due to climate change start a new wave
of electromobility and use of renewable energies.

Renewable energy in roads and infrastructure must be used,
in order to supply enough energy to massive consumption
energy, at the same place as we consume,
therefor we save energy and support a smart mobility.

On the other hand, solar energy must adapt itself to the landscape
in order to keep the view and preserve the ecosystem.
That's the reason the colored cells will be important
in the future having the same color of the sand or the grass

will make solar beautiful and will keep the optical view of the areas where it will be used.
Solar has now the possibility to adapt to any place and be used for any application..

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