BIPV's our modules

Red modules to tiles

Integrated roofs with solar cells in all colors, textures and patterns.
All types of facades and roofs can bee an active element of the energy supply.

The benefits of the new product are several, one of them is in freedom to design the architecture, they are economical because you can save on structural costs, because they are light and resistant roofs. We comply with the quality standards established in Europe.
This is an example of a project that Dansk Solenergi has carried out, is a building in Svendborg, brick-red solar panels. The tone of the solar cells were selected by the client. The solar roofs can have any colour or pattern. The module could also be selected in other tones adapted to the environment that would make them invisible.

We can produce modules up to Lx W 2.7x 1.7 m.
The modules come with a built-in mounting system for facades and roofs complete isolated as traditional slate bricks and tiles.
We gain 25 years of industry experience, Danish solar energy has innovated a new technology handled challenges that for most people seemed impossible.

With coloured solar cells, we merge technology and aesthetics, we anticipate that it will spread on a large scale worldwide, with the elimination of visual impact, we will build a new era for solar roof systems. We develop intelligent solutions to the climate challenges we face.
All photovoltaic modules are produced in our solar energy factory, which is the largest in Denmark. The factory is also built to have minimal CO2 emissions during the production.

Technical specifications:
Module Type: HEM-HHV80.3xR110GG6
System power: 6.4 kWp.
Degree of reflection RHEM600
Mounting brackets: * Ja
Mounting solution: Ja

Red bricks


Red Briks


Black Grey Slate modules

Reference Project in Randers, Denmark, the integration of slate succeed the solar cells are invisible! Solar cells are 100% integrated at the roof.  You can change a part of the roof or exchange all of slates, it can be purchased advantageously by renovating the roof or even better for a new construction.  The savings are significant knowing that the roof will pay for itself over time. Our solar cell modules integrated at the slate roof are the optimal solution, if you want to reduce your electricity consumption and CO2 emissions. You can design your building or  maintain  the architectural expression of the building. They are easy to install with our mounting system..

The modules can be selected:
Module colour and pattern that resembles the colour of the board.
Mounting system.
Glass, level of reflection
The standard module size is:1605x (350-410) x6mm.
Modules can also be produced in others.sizes and shapes by appointment.
The customer determines the colour and tone of the “solar slate”.

We produce the solar module in the colour and size that fits your project..


Our photovoltaic solar cells integrate with the roof and preserve the appearance of the building.


We use the highest performance solar cells on the market to achieve the best quality

Slate Integrated, Denmark


Slate integrated, Denmark


Old style integrated, Denmark


Black Stone, Germany


Slate, Germany


Concrete integrated, Germany


Zink Integrated, Denmark


Glass Integrated, Herlev Copenhagen


Slate integrated, Denmark


Summer house, Denmark


Complete roof integration, Denmark


Slate Integration, Denmark


Concrette Integration


Concrette Integration, Denmark


Roof Integration, Denmark


Slate Integration, Denmark


Slate Integration, Denmark

Carport integrated

Facade integrated, Copenhagen


Glass Integrated

Glass Integrated, Copenhagen

Glass Integration, Denmark


Zink Integrated roof, Denmark


Facade Integration, Denmark

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