Solar cells integrated in glass

Building glass with solar cells of all sizes, colors, shapes and with 0% to 80% light transparency.

The architect-designed glass modules from HEM open up new possibilities that give the architect further freedom and creativity when it comes to combining environmental awareness and aesthetics with glass facades, glass roofs, skylights, and solar shading.

Large glass sections, almost replacing walls, are a characteristic part of modern residential architecture. It is prestigious to have a home with huge windows.
In this way, the forms of housing have changed radically over the past 30-40 years. Transparency and light are two fashion words that we cannot get enough of, and the small windows that were typical in the 60s type houses are replaced by glass walls.

We always use the best solar cells and technology, this ensures an operation-safe CO2 free energy production.

The modules are individually configured to achieve the best performance and the materials are carefully selected and tested for the best reliability and durability.

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Glass constructions for 2 and 3 layer glass

Double glazing (inserted design)

Termorude (Composition)

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Skylight Double glazing

1. glass construction for skylights

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