Solar parks with our CFR technology
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Solar parks etc.

Solar parks are important for the energy supply, the existing solar parks with their very characteristic blue appearance have a strong visual impact on the environment, which has therefore arisen resistance to solar parks from the local community.
This is where the new CFR technology with highly efficient colored modules can be a solution and make the visual expression acceptable and you can get started with the green transition.

The pictures show some examples of how solar parks with our technology could be included in the environments they are installed in a natural way.

This new technology that camouflaged high-efficiency cells while producing energy allows them to be used for many different applications where it was not possible previously due to aesthetics, such as electric cars, electronic devices and new building elements for roofing and facades, all surfaces illuminated by the sun could be energy producing.
This technology can also be combined with other technologies such as solar heating in the form of heating water or air via heat exchanger, or for advertising signs and park and street lighting m.m. whole without being seen.

Danish solar energy offers adaptable CO2-free technology to the current green transition

Sounds interesting and you have a project.

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