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June 16, 2017
Wind measurement in Røsnæs lighthouse
June 13, 2017
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Solar Measuring equipment in Faroe Island


The Faroese Road Directorate has set measuring equipment and webcam along the roads. In this connection, we have set up 10 solar systems to operate the equipment.

Solar systems in the Faroe Islands
Solar system with electronics and batteries in metal case

Address: 10 roadsides in the Faroe Islands
Year of construction: 2007
Function: Power for measurement and communication equipment
Type of plant: Stand-alone system, crystalline solar modules placed on the mast
Supplier: Danish Solar Energy – HME PV
Installer: Faroe Islands Road Directorate
Architect / Projector: Danish Solar Energy

Projectregi: Measurement and web equipment for use by travelers on various roads.
Travelers can now go online and get information about road safety.

Contact person for information / site visits: Dansk Solenergi  ApS