Our HEM® PV panels produced in Denmark are probably the best in the world, notably at competitive price. Thanks to our high-tech production facilities we deliver top quality at low cost.

Europeans customers can save long shipping time, reduce the global Co2 emission, and avoid clearance duty hassles

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If you are looking for innovation and creativity, we are the right partner for you.

We love innovation and design, and we have the world’s most advanced factory to support development and production of new innovative ideas. We can help you to analyse and design the solution that fits exactly your need.

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We are one of the pioneers in the field of solar energy with 20+ years of global experience. We have designed and delivered innovative solutions for varieties of solar projects, more than 1000 cases worldwide.

In particular, we are quite proud of having delivered many solar projects in emerging markets, providing training and technology transfer. We are specialized in developing ecological energy solutions for rural areas with or without adequate infrastructure

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We provide affordable consultancy in all phases of solar projects. From Project Evaluation to Planning, Implementation and Maintenance. As a Danish producer we are supported by various strong financial institutions and funds such as EKF, (the Royal Danish Export Credit Fund) IFU, (Investment Fund for Developing Countries), etc. We can help you to achieve up to 80% financing

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Our factory in Denmark is designed and built by one of the world's pioneers in solar energy field

Our HEM PV solar modules are produced in unique and fully automated production lines. Our factory is designed and built to provide the flexibility to produce any kind of tailored solar modules

Homogeneous Production

Unique, automated production line and finest finishing process ensure the highest level of precision and consistent top quality

Advanced Design

The factory production line is designed to support development and production of new innovative ideas

Best material

We select only the best and reliable raw material for module production

CO2 free

The building uses solar energy and multiple energy saving mechanisms have been applied, including reusing production energy in the factory

We can help you with any kind of Solar Solutions

At Danish Solar Energy we design and deliver creative solutions of any kind; Solar water pump, solar light, solar roof, solar park, or even solar bell... We can help you with any particular solutions you may desire or imagine

We provide support and consultancy on procurement and construction management, ranging from off-grid solar systems, building integrated PV systems to large utility-scale solar parks.

We are proud of being one of the world's pioneers in photovoltaic designing and solution.

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